USB-powered Mini Fridges

USB-powered Mini Fridges

A USB Mini-Fridge Right at your Desk

Whilst everyone has, undoubtedly, heard of mini fridges, there is yet another layer to the proverbial Russian doll of refrigeration products that you might not have considered, and that is the USB-powered mini fridge.

If you’re inclined towards enjoying a cold beverage at your desk, at home or at work, then you might be pleased to hear that there is indeed a solution to the age-old crisis of having to walk all the way to the refrigerator – perhaps even to the staff kitchen – in order to retrieve your drink.

Lo and behold; refrigeration powered entirely by USB, at your convenience, away from the snatching hands of co-workers and cheeky flatmates – and all at an affordable price point. So what are USB fridges? And how do they work?

A great gift for budding gadget fans

USB fridges are petite cooler systems that are powered by your USB port – whether it’s a laptop or desktop computer – using minimal energy and keeping your beverages both cool and accessible.

Beyond this, many USB powered mini fridges also operate with a ‘warmer’ as well as a ‘cooler’ setting, meaning that if you’re looking to keep a cup of tea or coffee warm, you very much can.

<a href=””>The Sidiou Group Handy Mini USB Fridge Cooler</a>, for example, is one special little gadget, capable of switching between cooling and heating functions and even reaching as high as 60~80°c and as low as 8~10°c when cooling.

Many USB fridges share the Sidiou Group’s bright red colouration and retro stylings, and being so inexpensive, these make perfect gifts for budding gadget fans – particularly if they’re the kind of person that keeps cans of cola within arm’s reach!

Most USB mini fridges also come with plug and play functionality, meaning an easy installation with absolutely no drivers required.

But if fizzy drinks aren’t your thing, there are certainly other uses for on-desk refrigeration…

The perfect addition to your office space

Aesthetically speaking, there are plenty of mini fridges with less garish colours. <a href=””>Cewaal’s mini USB fridge</a> for example, would make the perfect addition to any office space, and with dimensions of 25 x 12 x 8.5cm, it has enough room to fit two cups of coffee, or indeed other larger perishable items.

Keeping your coffee warm, or indeed your sandwiches cool could also save you plenty of trips to the staff kitchen at work, and if you’re tinkering away in your garage at home on some kind of hobby, these taller varieties of portable fridges even have enough room for a bottle of beer (should you be so inclined).

Like the Sidiou USB fridge, Cewaal’s mini USB cooler is entirely ‘plug and play’ operated and features both ‘cooler’ and ‘warmer’ settings, so you can keep your tea or coffee warm indefinitely should you need to venture out of the room.

Keep baby formula at the right temperature

USB mini fridges like the <a href=”″>ThreeH</a> are also rather useful for keeping baby formula at a chosen temperature and readily available – taking up less room than a traditional mini fridge, using less energy and ultimately costing less money.

Beyond this, with a USB mini fridge you can rest assured that your perishables will be safe from both scrutiny and idle hands.

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