Benefits of Mini Fridges

Benefits of Mini Fridges

The Benefits of Mini Fridges

Mini fridges don’t just have to be for university dorms, cafes or hotel rooms! They can work for a variety of home and workspaces to meet your food and drink needs while providing many unique benefits. Below we go through our top 5 reasons to get a mini fridge or replace your standard one.

1. Energy saving

Cut down on energy and electricity bills by using a mini fridge instead of a regular size one. You’ll save on bills without using excess energy, ideal for people living alone or community venues. The RHTTLF1B mini fridge from Russell Hobbs has an A+ energy rating while suiting any modern room with its stylish design. By replacing your regular fridge with a mini one, you could save money in the long run as well as making your home more eco-friendly! Click here for a review of the RHTTLF1B.

2. Great design

Having a mini or portable fridge means you can have more fun and creative designs. For example, this Rubik’s Cube refrigerator which will compliment a funky bar or cafe. It can also brighten up an area like a kitchen or garage without expensive costs or a whole new kitchen layout. It also gives you the option to install a mini fridge in a professional or home space without it being obvious! They can act as a design feature of a room while being fully functional. It also means those precious treats won’t go missing!

3. Lower costs

Mini fridges will save on energy bills and upfront costs as they tend to cost less than standard fridges due to their size. Having food and drink options available to employees in offices or buying your first fridge, means a mini fridge is a strong option. It also gives you the opportunity to spend money on higher quality food too! Buying a cheaper and smaller fridge can also work as a backup fridge for you and your family without doubling the running costs.

4. Portability options

Some portable fridges have the option to run off mains or portable charges, for example, the iceQ 15 Litre Deluxe. If you’re on a road trip or travelling, it makes an ideal food and drink solution while on the road. This fridge is also lightweight and includes a handle, making it easy to transport by one person. If you regularly move house, a mini fridge means one less heavy appliance to worry about moving too or having to buy a new fridge.

5. Space saving designs

Mini fridges make a space-saving solution to any small or awkward kitchen rather than storing a large fridge away from your cooking area. Plus, it means there’s more room for other kitchen appliances to make your cooking experience more enjoyable. It can also work as extra storage space for a study, office, venue or even bedroom. If you’re using a mini fridge as a back up to your main appliance, you can store it in a pantry, garage or empty space in your kitchen too.

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