Office Mini Fridges – Buying Guide

Office Mini Fridges – Buying Guide

What to Consider When Purchasing an Office Mini Fridge

Whether you work in a large corporate office, or in a smaller business space, we all know that the working day can have its ups and downs. Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than reaching into the office fridge and selecting a nutritious energy boost… or perhaps that leftover pizza from the office party.

There are numerous work fridges on the market, with a range of different sizes, designs, and features. In order to guide you in your purchase, we’ve put together the top issues to consider:

1. Take stock of your office space

The first question to ponder when selecting an office fridge is: what kind of space am I trying to fill and how many workers are going to be using this appliance? Gone are the days when mini fridges came in one standard size and shape, so now you can select the perfect item for your specific business.

If you’re slotting a fridge into the working area of a small firm with only a few employees, then you could opt for a petite 17L appliance. This kind of work fridge will be able to hold all of your basic necessities.

Consider the Russell Hobbs 17 Litre Cooler, which is perfectly designed to rest on a spare table top or nestle into a corner. It has a reversible door to easily enable you to choose the best fit in a tight space, as well as a removable shelf to allow for flexible use.

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2. Look at what energy savings you can make

If your workspace is home to a large number of employees then you will likely need one of the bigger office fridges on the market or a series of more moderately sized appliances. With this increase in size and number, however, you will want to consider the cost of running each appliance.

Consider selecting a mini fridge with a high energy saving rating to ensure that you get the best deal. The Inventor A++ Compact and Mini Fridge offers a large 42L capacity and includes nifty space-saving design features that make it as roomy as a traditional 45L standing fridge. It provides you with an adjustable thermostat so that you can control the interior, and also operates well in temperatures up to 38 °C, thereby ensuring that your drinks are kept cool in the summer months.

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3. Avoid distracting operating noises in the workplace

The last thing you need during meetings, or when you’re trying to take an important phone call, is the office fridge humming away in the background. While the noise might be drowned out in a busy home or university halls, you don’t want operating sounds to cause your workers to lose focus.

It’s crucial, therefore, to opt for a work fridge with noise reduction technology. The Cookology 46L Stainless Steel Mini Fridge is not only stylish and roomy but also offers a guaranteed noise level of just 45dB. This feature ensures that your office workers can grab a snack without becoming irritated by the sound of the electrical circuits.

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An office fridge can offer the perfect socialising hub for colleagues to catch up over a refreshing beverage or a quick energy booster. If you consider your office size and needs carefully then you will quickly be able to find the perfect mini fridge for your business.

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