Beer Fridges

Office Mini Fridges – Buying Guide

What to Consider When Purchasing an Office Mini Fridge Whether you work in a large corporate office, or in a smaller business space, we all know that the working day can have its ups and downs. Sometimes, there's just nothing better than reaching into the office fridge and selecting a nutritious energy boost... or perhaps that leftover pizza from the office party. There are numerous work fridges on the market, with a range of different sizes, designs, and features. In order [...]


Spotlight on Bedroom Fridges – shhhhhhhhhhhh!

Some people can sleep through anything. Most people, can't. The constant on-off of a fridge, while you're trying to get to sleep, is enough to drive most of us loopy. Fear not, however, there are many nice and quiet fridges on the market and we take a look at the best five here. 1. Inventor 42 Litre Mini Fridge Features: Energy Class A++ (20% Lower Power Consumption than any A+ Mini Fridge) Environmental Friendly Refrigerant R600a Adjustable Thermostat Excellent Operation from +16 [...]


The Latest Beer Fridge Bargains

Give your beer the attention it deserves with a beer fridge. Here is our pick of the top five beer fridges currently available. Subcold 49 Litre Super50 Drinks - King of Beer Fridges A spacious and efficient mini fridge that will only use 84 kilowatts of electricity in the course of a year. Supplied with a lock plus two keys. The Subcold Super50 boasts an impressive 49 litres of space (enough to hold around 45 cans of the good stuff) and its [...]